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About Astra Asia

We are independent financial advisors, here to help you carve your path to financial freedom.

The Astra Group, founded in 2009. From pensions, investments, protection, estate planning to mortgage and property solutions, we offer tailor-made financial planning to private clients worldwide. 

We pride ourselves for being entirely independent. This does not mean we are isolated, but on the contrary. We collect ideas and thoughts from some of the most respected names in the investment world. Our clients enjoy the full benefits of this as it means that there are no restrictions placed on recommending best-in-class investments and at the same time we are well positioned to design suitable, personalised portfolios as we have a deep understanding of individual needs and circumstances.

Our 5 Key Values

We believe it's all about building authentic and trusting relationships with you. 
Your wins are our wins!



we believe strong and successful relationships are built on trust



we are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and good governance.



we are a team of professionals, who are dedicated to education and the concept of lifelong learning. 

We are proud members of some of the most respected organisations in the industry (STEP, FEIFA, CISI)

Heart & Hands


we firmly believe that if you are passionate about what you do, then you will do it to the best of your ability


Client Focus

we maintain focus on our clients’ needs by constantly seeking to understand their goals, priorities and values, and adapting as they change over time


Our Services

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of the key areas of your financial strategy. After working long and hard, you want to enjoy your retirement years knowing your family is protected and there are enough funds to fund those times ahead.

Education Fee Planning

One of the biggest commitments you will make towards the future success of your children is to make sure that, whichever path they choose in life, nothing stands in their way.

Portfolio Management

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your existing portfolio, or would like to set up a new investment policy, we can assist you.

Wills & Estate Planning

Astra Asia and its financial practitioners have extensive experience in this area to help clients make sure they plan for all eventualities. 

Savings Plans

This is a very disciplined approach to saving and investing and you can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that with each passing day, you are taking small but steady steps towards achieving your financial goals.

Life Insurance

Most Expats will know the benefits of having Life Insurance and understand that as an expat there is perhaps a greater need for this kind of cover. This will likely be because once you move away from your home country family ties will weaken so having independent provision in place to provide for your family becomes even more important.

Cash Management

f you have disposable income, which you would not want to invest in a traditional sense and would rather keep safe, we can offer a tax efficient solution for you. We will work closely with you to help select the product that meets your liquidity, security and yield requirements.

Medical Insurance

Astra use the best independent provider of international health insurance. They have been providing protection since 1992 and specialise in providing protection for expats all over the world.

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At Astra we offer advice based on our structured advisory process, comprehensive investment services and a wide product spectrum, that can be tailored to clients’ needs.


Whether you are starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your retirement, your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a home, or indeed seeking to address health care needs, you need a wealth plan.


Our financial advisers work with clients to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping them achieve and protect their goals.


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